Jenelle Evans Says She's 'Calling Social Services' on Family After Her Brother Is Spotted With Kids

Jenelle Evans said she "called social services" on her family amid her and husband David Eason's tumultuous custody battle for their kids.

After appearing in a court hearing on Tuesday in Columbus County, North Carolina, Evans told Us Weekly that she was outraged after seeing a video her brother, Colin, posted on Twitter featuring her and Eason's 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

"This video was sent to my phone today of my daughter being in extreme distress and crying for her 'Mommy,'" Evans said. "I have no clue why this video was posted by my brother."

Colin was also spotted in photos Evans' mother shared of Ensley and Jace last week.

The 27-year-old mom of three told the magazine that she is not in contact with her brother. "I do not speak to him and do not want him around any children with the state of mind that Colin is in," she said, adding that she reported the incident to authorities. "This has already been reported by authorities and taking the correct steps to handle this situation the best we can."

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On social media, Evans shared a link to the Us Weekly article that featured her quote about her brother, writing in the caption of the Instagram post: "I'm calling SOCIAL SERVICES on MY FAMILY." She added the hashtag "#PrayForEnsley."

The latest development in the Teen Mom 2 alum's drama comes after she was seen arguing with her mother, Barbara Evans, outside the courthouse Tuesday afternoon following a long day in court. In the argument, Barbara insinuated that Evans was acting affectionate toward Ensley only because she was in front of TMZ cameras, something Evans told Us Weekly she has "no idea" why Barbara would say.

"I believe my mom is saying anything at this point to make herself feel better," Evans said. "It might all boil down to jealousy."

"I do feel like my relationship with my mother is destroyed at this point," she said. "This isn't a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me."

She told the outlet that during Tuesday's hearing, a new judge was assigned to the case and that "court was continued for now until the end of the month."

"There's a lot of progress made on our behalf and [we] have to wait until our next court date as of now," she explained, adding that previous reports that she and Eason were no longer pursuing custody of Eason's daughter Maryssa were untrue.

"All children are involved in this case, not just one or the other. In the end, either the three children will come home that live with us primarily [or not]," she said. Before the recent events transpired, Evans and Eason had custody of their daughter Ensley, 2, Evans' and ex Nathan Griffith's son Kaiser, 4, and Maryssa, 11. Evans and ex Andrew Lewis' 9-year-old son Jace has been under Barbara's custody for most of his life. (Eason also has a son from a previous relationship that doesn't live with him and Jenelle.)

"No child was 'dropped' from the case at all," Evans continued. "Those reports are false and we are going to fight for all children to come home eventually."


Evans and Eason returned to court on Tuesday to continue to fight for their kids after they were removed from their home last month. A judge ruled on May 28 that Barbara woudl be granted temporary custody of Ensley after Eason admitted that he shot and killed the family's French bulldog. Barbara also has had custody of Jace for the majority of his life.

After Kaiser initially stayed with his paternal grandmother, Doris, he was eventually placed in his father's temporary custody. Maryssa is also no longer in Evans and Eason's care and is reportedly being cared for by Eason's mother.