'Home Town': Erin Napier Reveals Important New Project in Their House

Ben and Erin Napier are hard at work on an all-new project. As fans continue to watch the couple tackle new projects on their HGTV series Home Town, the Napiers over the weekend gave fans a sneak peek into a renovation project currently going down in their own home.

On her Instagram account, Erin revealed that she and her husband are currently hard at work on a project for their two young daughters, 4-year-old Helen and 1-year-old Mae. The youngsters apparently experience the same fear of the basement that most children have, and in an effort to help ease those fears, the Napiers have started a renovation project to transform their basement from a cold, scary place to a warm, cozy, and fun atmosphere, Erin sharing with fans that they "started trying to make it something nice and not so scary so when the tornadoes come, the girls won't be scared to hunker down in here."

Quipping that she and her husband "are very bad at resting" and adding, "no renovating on [Home Town] this week for Christmas break, so what to do on the coldest day ever in our heated basement at the farm," Erin shared a few photos of the project. Although Napier said it was just "day one" of the project," she said she felt like she and her husband "made good progress!" That progress included string lights hung from the ceiling, a dollhouse for the kiddos, and even swings hanging from the ceiling for little Helen and Mae to play on.

With news of the new project, the comments section exploded, with one person writing, "The swings are a great idea." For those commenters concerned about the play area with the hard floor beneath, Erin assured fans that "it's double layer of cushion and astroturf" beneath the swings. Another Peron commented, "I hope your girls always realize how special it is to have you all for parents and to be so loved," with somebody else writing, "Now that looks like a fun jungle gym for all to enjoy."

The project marks just the latest personal renovation the Napiers have undertaken. The Season 6 premiere of their hit HGTV series saw the couple working on a large-scale renovation of their own house in Laurel, Mississippi. While the episode didn't show a renovation of the home's living room, Erin later gave fans a peek at the room, explaining that "it didn't need renovation" before going on to share how she and her husband chose to refresh the room with a few decorating choices.