'Home Town' Star Erin Napier Celebrates a Pair of Recent Firsts

Home Town star Erin Napier will take on  a couple of big firsts, making sure to do it on her own terms. On Monday, Napier shared a post on Instagram informing fans that she'd be on Good Morning America to promote her new book, The Lantern House. It will be one of her first interviews without husband Ben Napier by her side, but the excursion was also the first that she went on a promotional tour without her husband.

Erin posted a photo of herself outside of her assigned room in Good Morning America's studio. She wrote in her caption that she would be on the morning show program on Monday to promote her new book, which will be released on Tuesday. The Home Town star noted that her appearance on the show marked two major firsts for her. It served as her first live TV interview without Ben by her side, as the pair typically promote their HGTV show together. She also mentioned that this was the first time that she's traveled without Ben, making it a very special, solo trip for her.

In the comments section of the post, Ben shared some kind words of support for her. He wrote, "Wish I could be there!!" Luckily, Ben mentioned that the couple's two daughters, Helen and Mae, are "comforting" him while his wife is away. The pair's daughters are, coincidentally, the inspiration behind Erin's latest project. Back in September, around when the book was announced, Erin explained to PEOPLE that she and Adam Trest wrote the children's book with their own kids in mind. 


"Adam and both live in old houses and we both have two little girls. We just thought it would be wonderful if we wrote a book for our girls and that's where it began," Erin said. At the time, she also said that her daughter Helen was especially fond of the story and that she would ask her parents to read it to her often. The HGTV personality added, "She begged me to tell it to her every night. So I know it by heart and I speak it to her because we don't have the book yet. I think she thinks I'm just making it for her. I really don't think she understands that other kids [will be able to] read it too."