'Home Town': Ben Napier Makes Fans Weep With Update on Daughter Helen

Erin and Ben Napier's daughter Helen is taking a big step, as her father recounted on Instagram. [...]

Erin and Ben Napier's daughter Helen is taking a big step, as her father recounted on Instagram. Ben wrote that Helen is ready to move on to her "big girl" bed. In addition to sharing that update about his daughter, Ben recounted a very moving story about how he crafted his daughter's crib when he and Erin first found out that they were expecting.

Ben posted a photo of Helen in her crib. (Her face was covered by a stuffed animal, as the Home Town stars do not share photos of their daughter's face on social media.) Alongside the image, the HGTV personality noted his daughter would be moving on to her "big girl" bed. Naturally, for Ben, the moment is proving to be a little emotional especially as one of his "bucket list" items was crafting her crib. He began, "Minutes after we found out we were going to have a baby, I started drawing a crib. Building our baby's crib was a bucket list item for me as a carpenter." Ben added, "Last night, Helen told us she's ready to move to her big girl bed tonight. This is when we got her out of her baby bed for what will probably be the last time. We started preparing for this a couple of months ago, but I'm still not ready. Next she'll move off to college."

Ben's followers sympathized with him over this emotional milestone, with many of those fans urging him to enjoy every moment with Helen as she gets older. One fan wrote, "Yes hold on to every. Single. Moment. The days are long but the years are short." Another added, "Awww it gets easier and harder at the same time." Helen's move over to her "big girl" bed comes a couple of months after the three-year-old experienced an injury while at a playground. Her mother, Erin, recounted that Helen broke both her tibia and fibula after she "stepped wrong at the end of a slide."

Erin later shared that her daughter had to undergo surgery and that the doctors reset her leg bones with a full cast so that she could recover. In early March, the Home Town star shared a positive update about Helen's recovery. Erin let her followers on Instagram know that Helen got her cast off and that "she's in a boot and doing great." She added that her daughter still needs to take it easy as she recovers as there is "still no walking allowed for a few more weeks."