HGTV's Jasmine Roth Undergoes Sudden Medical Procedure After Severe Nose Bleeds

HGTV personality Jasmine Roth went through an incredibly trying ordeal recently. On Friday, she [...]

HGTV personality Jasmine Roth went through an incredibly trying ordeal recently. On Friday, she opened up about the health issues that she has been experiencing since giving birth to her first child, daughter Hazel, back in April. According to the Help! I Wrecked My House star, she had to undergo a sudden medical procedure after experiencing numerous nose bleeds following the birth of her daughter.

Roth began her Instagram post by writing that she has been experiencing nose bleeds since welcoming Hazel back in April. She wrote that her OB thought that the issue was from wearing a mask. However, five months after giving birth, Roth was experiencing 5 to 30 nose bleeds per day. "Two weeks ago I asked my derm to take a peek cause I noticed a growth in my left nostril," Roth continued. "She referred me to an ENT (ears, nose, throat specialist) and I finally had my in-person appt yesterday afternoon (after another tele-med appt and a covid test...welcome to 2020). Long story short, the hormones from having a baby spurred a growth in my nostril that needed to be surgically removed."

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Roth continued to write that she booked the appointment for next week. However, a recent incident at the pool involving her daughter led to a pretty complicated situation. She continued, "Fast forward to our pool hangout, Hazel's head barely hitting my nose, me handing her to Brett and running inside to shower and stop the bleeding...then me looking down in the shower to see the growth from my nostril sitting in a pool of blood on the shower floor." The HGTV star then contacted her doctor, Alexis Furze, who promptly treated her and cauterized her nose. She added, "We were back home by 9pm! I owe a huge thank you to @drfurze and if you're in the OC area and have allergies, chronic sinus infections, or anything that has to do with your nose or breathing - he's your guy!"

Roth ended her post by writing that she has to keep things "low key for 72 hours" following this situation. She also noted that she needs to clean her bathroom, as her health ordeal made it look like a "crime scene" in her home. But, thankfully, even though she had to go through this challenging time, Roth seems to be doing alright.