'Good Bones' Season 5 Premiere Date, Sneak Peek Revealed by HGTV

HGTV announced the anticipated fifth season of its home renovation hit, Good Bones starring [...]

HGTV announced the anticipated fifth season of its home renovation hit, Good Bones starring mother-daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk will premiere June 9 at 9 p.m. ET. Between renovating homes, navigating retirement, the rollercoaster of pregnancy, and opening their new storefront for Two Chicks and a Hammer at District Co., the Indianapolis natives have been keeping busy and are now ready for fans to follow along with their day-to-day life. Promising "crazy demos," more "beautiful afters" alongside "new and exciting stuff," the season is set to be a wild one as it sees major changes taking place.

The series, which attracted more than 17.4 million total viewers in its last season, will be spotlighting some very personal moments from both mother and daughter — particularly with Laine's recent retirement announcement and Starsiak-Hawk's foray into motherhood and her emotional IVF journey that results in a second pregnancy.

"I'm excited to share every step with our fans," Starsiak-Hawk said in the release, as her mother adds it was the "right time" to retire from the family business, but will also continue renovating homes in the city the pair love. "The properties in this season are some of the best we've ever found," Laine said.

Highlighting crumbling roofs, bug-infested walls and rotted floors, Good Bones follows Starsiak-Hawk, a real estate agent and soon-to-be mom of two, alongside her mother and former lawyer, Laine as they buy the most dilapidated properties in their favorite Indy neighborhoods, strike them down to the studs and transform them into gorgeous, functional family homes.

Per the network, the premiere episode will see the two buying their most expensive house to date — a bungalow in the trendy Fountain Square neighborhood that is in need of some serious updates. But to retain the home's original charm and maintain a strict budget to maximize the resale value, they must skilfully fix foundation issues, replace plaster walls and restore its original hardwood floors. Season 5 will also see the duo incorporate new, creative design elements in every home to attract younger buyers, like pet-friendly spaces, custom metal staircase art and refurbished antique chandeliers.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com this past September, Starsiak-Hawk revealed that Season 5 has taken a wild turn, creating some drama for the team. "So, something has happened already — only a few months in — we thought we would never be surprised by anything because all the terrible things have happened [but] a new terrible thing happened," Starsiak told PopCulture.com at the time. "And I can't tell because it'll ruin it, but it's just completely shocking and ridiculous, and has put us in quite a pickle as far as budget and timing for one of our houses."

In addition to taking on the "nastiest houses" to date, Starsiak-Hawk and her mother amplified their distinctive style in Season 4 with the aid of an in-house designer, whom the Indianapolis native told PopCulture.com is "incredible."

"It used to be a designer that the network hired and provided for us that was out of state. [But] MJ is local — we've known him for a while, and he's just wildly talented. It took about half a season for him to meld minds with mom and me," Starsiak-Hawk said. "We would give him a couple of words like, 'This house is kindergarten chic,' which means nothing to most people, [but] he would know exactly what we wanted, and find the things and make it, 'kindergarten chic.'"

With the fourth season of Good Bones attracting more than 16.9 million total viewers and ranking at the Top 5 cable program among the 25 to 54 demographic, HGTV last summer that the show would return in 2020 with 13 new episodes. The show also found incredible success as the second most streamed series on HGTV GO following its Season 4 premiere last spring, in addition to weekly clips posted to their social media accounts that have generated more than 5.5 million total views. (This article was originally published May 14, 2020.)