'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Teases Season 5 Return to HGTV

With Season 4 of Good Bones currently underway, Mina Starsiak revealed via social media on Tuesday some big news for fans of the HGTV renovation series.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to share a "sneak peek" of an ongoing renovation that was being hindered by a frequent raccoon on the premises of the construction site, Starsiak announced Season 5 of the Indianapolis based series is coming soon.

"[The raccoon's] as happy as a clam up there, but word on the street is he's not terribly friendly," Starsiak said in the video, adding how she was sharing a "sneak peek" walk-through. "That's all you guys get to see, but the beginnings of season 5 — yay!"

In an interview with PopCulture.com this past May, Starsiak dished details about the HGTV series' fourth season, including a very emotional episode featuring the "forever home" she shares with husband, Stephen ahead of their first child's arrival last summer.

"After drywall, we 100 percent actually kicked my husband out," Starsiak laughed, adding how the whole project took 10 months to complete. "He did not get to see it until he walked through for the reveal, which was tough because we live next door for one, but also he couldn't help."

The 31-year-old adds that while it would have been "nice to have him around hauling furniture," she was quite pleased with having him wait it out for the big reveal. After all, Starsiak worked on the floor plans for years, managing to get every design element she could imagine in their home.

"Getting to reveal that to him was really fun because he obviously trusts me and getting him to be able to finally see everything and the special places that I made for him, it was cool," she said.

The episode, which will premiere among the 15 set for this season, is not the only standout in their fourth year. In addition to taking on the "nastiest houses" to date, Starsiak and her mother, Karen E. Laine are intensifying their unique style with the aid of an in-house designer, whom the Indianapolis native touts as "incredible."

"It used to be a designer that the network hired and provided for us that was out of state. [But Michael Jeffrey] is local — we've known him for a while, and he's just wildly talented. It took about half a season for him to meld minds with mom and me," she laughed. "We would give him a couple of words like, 'This house is kindergarten chic,' which means nothing to most people, [but] he would know exactly what we wanted, and find the things and make it, 'kindergarten chic.'"

A new designer and "forever home" aren't the only items on the agenda for fans to revel in this season. Starsiak also adds that her son, Jack will be in a "handful" of episodes this season.


"[My husband and I] have got a pretty good child care routine. But if someone's sick or someone's on spring break, [Jack's] just with me and he's doing whatever we're doing," she laughed.

Good Bones airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m on HGTV.