'Good Morning America': Why Ginger Zee's Week Has Been Extra Challenging

In recent months, it has been a wild ride for Good Morning America, with some major names announcing their exit and others facing issues due to COVID-19. This time around, Ginger Zee is the one facing the heat. Currently the chief meteorologist for ABC News, she moved up from the weekend position to the chief position in 2013 on Good Morning America.

Despite the perception that the job is easy and nice to have during the harsh times of the year, the same isn't true for members of a network weather team. Yes, Zee has been able to appear on Celebrity Jeopardy! and she had a great showing on Dancing With the Stars to end up in third place, but her recent assignment lacks the glamour.

As Zee shares on Instagram, she is currently out in frigid conditions to warn viewers. Standing by the water's edge to report the system making its way through the country, Zee looks very cold.

"When it's this cold, I have trouble speaking... like my jaw and lips don't work right... ya know?" Zee wrote in the caption of her photo. "Seriously be careful everyone when subzero wind chills are subzero you can get frostbite in as little as 30 min if skin is exposed."

Zee also shared another post promoting her segment, added that "this savage cold is meeting that moisture Maryland down to Georgia on alert. Stay safe all! Ice accumulating plus snow behind it – then COLD." A map Zee shared shows temperatures in much of the northeast and central zones hitting single digits, with some going negative. Having felt the cold temps, the forecast was not far off.


While this is just part of Zee's job, it is the latest bit of rough conditions GMA has faced recently. And for Zee herself, her personal life hasn't been without issues too. Most recently, Zee's husband, Ben Aaron, had to vent to Instagram after his tiers were stabbed. "Shout out to the human excrement who stabbed my tire. Thankfully no blow out, got the kids and ginger home safe," Aaron wrote in the caption. "First time peeing in a water bottle while waiting for a tow truck! Thanks for coaching me on that dad!"

But 2021 also brought a positive milestone to Zee, landing a full decade at ABC News. "TEN YEARS OFFICIALLY AT ABC NEWS," Zee wrote in the caption of a photo ten years apart. "I would have so much to tell the young woman on the left... but I wouldn't. It's been too fun to live it all. Even the crappy parts. Storms really don't last forever. Grateful for it all." So while the job has had some struggles and frustrations, Zee seems to be happy as can be.