'Ghost Hunters': Daryl Marston Teases 'Strange Connection' in 'Glenn Family Curse' Episode (Exclusive)

In Wednesday's penultimate episode of the Ghost Hunters sophomore season, the team, led by Grant Wilson, heads to Missouri to investigate disturbing paranormal activity occurring at Cape Girardeau's legendary Glenn House, built more than a century ago. Owned by once prominent businessman, David Glenn, the home is now a historic landmark but has been plagued by a dark history, including financial ruin and the death of Glenn's three infant children that further sent the family into a spiral of agony. To this day, many believe the Glenn family was cursed, sparking a number of unexplained phenomena taking place in the residence — particularly in light of a Glenn family descendant's recent visits to the residence triggering activity.

In the episode, "The Glenn Family Curse," Wilson and the team head to the midwestern town to help the local historical association's president and her volunteers after amplified claims of disembodied voices, footsteps, doors opening on their own and even walls rattling. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com ahead of Wednesday night's episode, Daryl Marston shares what fans can expect with the disturbing case after being called in for help, admitting it's all "pretty insane."

"What you're going to see is a location where the actual family and with Sarah [Glenn Marsh], who was a descent of the family, called us — they needed the help," Marston tells PopCulture, adding how she and the individuals running the historical landmark needed help figuring out what's going on. "Basically, what's happening is, she goes into the home […] and when she leaves, the activity kicks up."

Without giving too much away, Marston says it's "pretty insane seeing a location" triggered when a family member visits. "Sarah found this location on Facebook — she never knew about and is kind of drawn to it, and goes there now, and then all the sudden the place starts getting really active. It's been active over the years, but not like when she was there or when she was leaving."


With an incredible collection of evidence that will stun audiences, Marston admits Wednesday's case stands out among the others because of its peculiar connection to the mounting activity experienced by the Glenn family member and those working at the now museum. "There is a really strange connection there," he said before sharing that no one lives at the Glenn family resident anymore. "It's strange case because it's like, taking this puzzle that's been broken for a hundred years almost and kind of putting this family back together that [Sarah] didn't know anything about before. She found it [on Facebook]. She goes there several times and then there's this lineage that it all connects, which is very strange, indeed, because you don't see that that often. You don't see a person who lives a thousand miles away from the location and is being drawn to it like that — it's pretty insane to watch and actually visit a site where there's not an actual client who lives there, but there's still people who need definite help."

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