'Ghost Hunters' Richel Stratton, Brandon Alvis Address Grant Wilson's Presence Amid Fan Concern (Exclusive)

Ghost Hunters is serving up a healthy platter of spooks with its sophomore season airing on A&E. But among the cases brimming with paranormal phenomena and vibrant activity, there has been growing concern among fans in terms of how often they are seeing team leader, Grant Wilson. Beginning with an appearance on the second night in this season's third episode, "Proof of Afterlife" to tonight's "Alone in Alaska" where the Rhode Island native was evidently away from the case as the team investigated, fans have taken to Twitter, inquiring of where their favorite ghost hunter has gone.

However, Wilson's team members, Richel Stratton and Brandon Alvis, assure fans in an exclusive with PopCulture.com that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the leader of Ghost Hunters. In fact, Wilson taking a little step back is just another way to reap amazing results for both the team and an investigation.

"Grant is still our team leader," Stratton confirmed to PopCulture.com. "He's still very much a part of Ghost Hunters, he's a team member. You will occasionally see us without him. That doesn't mean he's going anywhere. He's letting us develop as a team. The previous Ghost Hunters knew each other and had that relationship and he's allowing us to have that as well."

Stratton went on to share how the team will do video calls with Wilson during a case, so that they can talk to him and inform him of what's going on. "In the episodes to come, you'll see that he's with us again," she said. "It's just, he may not be on every investigation physically, but it doesn't mean that his hands aren't in it. We'll call him and talk to him and he briefs us on the investigation or the case of what's going on, and it's to allow us to be able to grow as a team, but he's still very much a part of it."

The Illinois native reaffirms that Wilson's reason is to "see what we can do essentially" as a team building exercise. "The majority of the time, he'll come in on the second night of investigation, we'll tell him what we've done, what we're thinking and it's right along the lines of what he would have done or what he's thinking."

Alvis echoed Stratton, admitting there is nothing for fans to worry about with Wilson's lack of presence in these past few episodes. After all, their team leader is a paranormal pioneer who has paved the way for much of the modern field with his work in the first incarnation of the series with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S), a group he co-founded nearly 30 years ago and is helping take things to the next step this season.

"If it wasn't for Grant and the original Ghost Hunters show, there wouldn't be these thousands upon thousands of investigators worldwide at this point in time," Alvis told PopCulture. "But what's so amazing about what's happening now, I don't know if this is giving too much away — but Grant is now letting this new team flourish. He's letting us go out there and be ourselves and he guided us through the first season. He was there, he put this team together, he hand-picked us and now he's letting us go out there, form our own opinions and allowing us to evolve in the way that you're seeing in Season 2, which is extremely exciting."


Alvis adds, Wilson is still around and that they consult him frequently during cases. "He's part of it, but he's allowing us as individuals to go out there and really start our own investigation style, our own protocol, our own methodology, which is very exciting, and I think people are really going to be blown away by it."

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