Farrah Abraham's Bizarre China Travel Diary Puzzles and Enrages Fans

Farrah Abraham's travel log on her trip to Shanghai, China is being less-than-generously received by audiences who accused her of being a rude and misinformed tourist at just about every turn. The Teen Mom OG alum started off on a bad note with the YouTube diary, misspelling the name of the city in the title: "MOM BUSINESS TRIP TO SHANGHIA : FARRAH ABRAHAM"

Abraham continued to enrage her viewers by referring to Shanghai as a 70-year-old country, instead of realizing that the 70th anniversary being celebrated was in commemoration of the formation of the People's Republic of China, as well as using the Japanese phrase "Konnichiwa" repeatedly.

"Shanghai is 6000 years old Farrah... have you ever researched the areas that you visit?" one commenter wrote under her video, as another noted, "[Konnichiwa] is a Japanese phrase, not a Chinese phrase and using it as if it were Chinese is very disrespectful."

They continued of her loud demeanor while vlogging, "You look like you're having a lot of fun, but please tone down the yelling all the time. Asian countries prefer quieter tourists, it shows respect."

Others were disturbed by a segment near the end of her video, in which Abraham speaks in a demeaning way to a hotel employee, accusing the staff of not knowing how to use computers, which she captioned, "Be a boss."

"You're so rude to that lady in the end," one commenter wrote. "That's why people are so mean to you, because you're an awful person."

Another added, "So you pretty much just gave them reason to hate Americans even more, how humiliating. The woman you treated with such little class and respect was very likely raised to show respect to elders and others and was probably was looking at you like you are a freaking maniac BUT she does her job very well by sitting there and allowing you to spit your venom."


"You schooling others on how to run a business yet every one of your businesses flopped?!" they continued. "Girl sit down, you are a mess. Please get help for your daughter. You are a grown a— adult, this isn't cute. It's sick. Like they say, when you have a problem with your everyone around you.. it isn't THEM!"

Photo credit: Getty/ Presley Ann