'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson 'Pretty Shook up' After Harrowing Drive-By Shooting at Home

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame found himself and his family in a scary situation on Friday. That was when the Robertson, his wife Korie Howard and his son John Luke Robertson along with his wife Mary Kate McEachern and their infant child were in the cross-hairs of a drive-by shooting.

One of the bullets went through the bathroom window of the West Monroe, Louisiana estate. Speaking with USA Today Network, Robertson explained the harrowing details. "We were pretty shook up," Robertson said in the interview on Sunday. "It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property." He shared that about eight to 10 shots were sent off from the road. The estate sits far back off the street, according to Robertson. As of this writing, no arrests have been made. Robertson added that he feels that whoever were the shooters were, were doing it knowing that he resided there, "I'm 100% certain, but I don't know why."

When discussing the situation, Robertson revealed that he and his family were just outside a few minutes before the incident occurred. "Nobody was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about 5 minutes before," Robertson explained. "I had just gone to the store when it happened." He also went on to say that he has been in close contact with local officials as they work to determine the suspects in the case. "I've been in close contact with the investigators," Robertson added. "It seems local to me, but I can't be sure."

Witnesses to the scene reported that the vehicle was white over brown or beige Ford F-250 with large aftermarket tires and rims. The incident also occurred during the daylight. After hearing of all that went down at the Robertson household, fans of the show quickly reacted and sent their best wishes to the family.

"I am so sorry and so very glad God was watching over you and your family and keeping you safe," one fan wrote on Facebook. "Omg that's horrible and sad hope they get caught and prosecuted so so wrong they are a beautiful family I pray for your family," another chimed in. One fan was "thankful" everyone was fine, adding, "God was protecting them!!!"


Duck Dynasty debuted in 2012 and has aired more than 130 episodes. The A&E reality series documents the Robertson family and their family business, Duck Commander, which makes products for duck hunters.

Photo Credit: Matt Sullivan/Getty Images