'Duck Dynasty' Star Reveals Graphic Photos After Dog Bite

Kay Robertson, the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, survived a nasty dog bite last week. [...]

Kay Robertson, the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, survived a nasty dog bite last week. Robertson, 73, shared photos of the horrific accident with TMZ on Sunday, a few days after her husband, Phil Robertson, and their son Jase Robertson discussed the situation during an episode of their Unashamed podcast. Their dog, Bobo, bit Robertson when she tried to kiss him goodnight.

The photos show the extensive damage Robertson suffered to her lip. Bobo's bite split her top lip and took a chunk out of her bottom lip. She was rushed to the hospital and told TMZ the injury looks even worse now because of the stitches and bruising. She now covers her face with a mask in public. It also is not easy for Robertson to eat, since her mouth is full of stitches. She also has to drink through a straw.

Robertson was prescribed antibiotics and skin cream to heal her lip. She praised the work of the staff at the hospital in Monroe, Louisiana. She told TMZ it would take about a month for her lips and the bruises to heal. Plastic surgery is required to fully repair the lip though. Bobo is still a beloved member of the Robertson family, Robertson said. The former reality TV star suggested she was just as much to blame for the incident because she snuck up on Bobo to kiss him goodnight when he was already sleeping.

On Unashamed, Phil, 75, said Robertson woke him up in the middle of the night with a rag covering her mouth. "I said, 'Move that rag a minute,' " Phil said, reports PEOPLE. "She takes the rag off her face, and I'm looking at her top lip, [it] was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That's a big cut." A "chunk" of her bottom lip was gone, Robertson said, adding that "bleeding profusely" was an understatement. Phil told his wife they needed to get to the hospital immediately. He also texted Jase, who instantly knew this was a serious situation.

"I know my dad well. I thought, 'if my dad drove my mom to the hospital, this is bad,'" Jase, 51, said on the podcast. "This is the same guy who if you don't have a body part detached or you're not bleeding profusely, he's like 'Oh you're alright.'" Phil later noted that Robertson was doing much better, a week after the incident. "After she told the story, she reminded me it wasn't his fault...he was startled," Phil explained.

Robertson and Phil recently starred in Dysfunction to Dynasty, a web series from I Am Second that debuted in May. The series features three generations of the Robertson family discussing their faith. The first three episodes focus on Phil and Robertson's life together, beginning with the personal struggles Phil faced while Robertson raised their sons.

"One of the things I really enjoy about this series is that people were able to see an update on mom and dad. You kind of get the story and it looks bad, but it was bad 50 years ago," their son Al Robertson told The Christian Post. "They've been an amazing couple for the Kingdom for all these years. So now you get to see that in the film. I thought they captured that great, that they're best friends and [have] all these years together."