Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Daughter Bonnie Working at Grocery Store Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A Dog the Bounty Hunter star is among the ranks of essential workers. Bonnie Chapman, the daughter [...]

A Dog the Bounty Hunter star is among the ranks of essential workers. Bonnie Chapman, the daughter of Duane "Dog" Chapman, posted a selfie to Instagram and broke down what her experiences dealing with the pandemic crowds have been like.

"How're you holding up," Chapman asked in the caption. "I'm doing ok, working at a grocery store [right now] and it's just so packed with people. I also don't remember what I used in this photo because I did it about a month ago, hope you like it though!" The reality star's followers were quick to throw their support behind Chapman.

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"Missed your pictures! Stay safe love," wrote one fan. Another called her "such an inspiration," while a third complimented her "Fab look," adding that they "Love the color choices and the outline with the liner!!!"

"I working a grocery store for 21 years now," added another, offering Chapman some first-hand advice. "It's not a bad job. It can get crazy at times but we have to remember that people need us and that's a good feeling. Be safe."

Chapman's father, meanwhile, has been actively taking part in self-isolation. The bounty hunter-turned-TV sensation shared a 45-second clip of him on social media along with the hashtag "socialdistancing." In the clip, a voice (likely belonging to his new girlfriend, Francie Frane) asks Chapman if he's going to "catch the big one," and replies confidently that he will. At the end, he actually pulls out the net to reveal that he was, in fact, successful.

Frane had previously written on Instagram about her relationship with Chapman, just weeks after the two had made their relationship public. "We know God brought us together and have no doubts about that AT ALL," Frane wrote. She also detailed their shared tragedies, with Chapman having lost his wife, Beth, to cancer last summer, just months after Frane's own husband. "God has brought two people who walked a treacherous road together and shown us LOVE is possible again," Frane continued. "And as wonderful, loving and kind as you all think Dog is HE IS [AND] MORE!! I LOVE YOU DUANE LEE."

Chapman's kids also approve of the new relationship, which is quite the change considering their feelings about Moon Angell, a former Chapman family friend who was allegedly involved with the reality star. While Chapman insisted she was there to help him grieve, their reaction was not favorable.