'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Leland Chapman Captures Fugitive During Jacksonville Hunt

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Leland Chapman is expertly following in his father Duane "Dog" Chapman's footsteps. Hailing from the famous family of bounty hunters, Chapman revealed over the weekend that he successfully put his skills to use when he helped capture a fugitive that was wanted out of Mississippi.

Chapman celebrated the successful mission on Instagram, where he opened up about the chase with his 497,000 followers. Sharing a gallery of images showing the moment he and his fellow bounty hunters took the man into custody, Chapman revealed the fugitive "wanted outta Mississippi [was] captured in Jacksonville Florida." He also took a moment to reflect on the fact that he "had the opportunity to catch up and work with Youngblood," adding that he was "happy I could help and happier it all worked out." Chapman ended his post with a message of gratitude for bounty hunter Matthew "Silver" Todd "for all the help", writing, "It's been a pleasure."

Fans were eager to celebrate Chapman's success, with one person writing, "Congrats Leland to you and whoever helped you." Another person said it was "good to see" Chapman and Youngblood "together again," prompting Chapman to reply, "We always have been touch , I was just helping him on one of his cases." Several others wondered if the man taken into custody wanted to pose for the photo or if they "made his a– pose for a group photo." Chapman revealed the man "wanted a copy." Meanwhile, another fan wondered where Chapman’s father was, writing that they were "shocked not to see Duane Lee not in the photo since he has a bail bonds Business in Jacksonville Florida." Chapman informed his followers that his father "was busy working."

The successful hunt came a little less than two years after a July 2019 manhunt left Chapman hospitalized. During his first manhunt since the death of his stepmother, Beth Chapman, Chapman suffered a torn ACL while subduing and arresting suspect Edward Morales in Adams County, Colorado, who was charged with domestic violence and pleaded guilty to harassment that June. Despite his injury, Chapman "hobbled around" and still managed to take Morales into custody. Morales was later booked at the Adams County Jail.

Fans will be able to catch more of the Chapman family and their manhunts when Dog Unleashed debuts on Dog's upcoming streaming platform Unleashed! on Thursday, April 1. The series finds Dog and his bounty hunting family back in action and follows on the heels of the family’s other reality TV endeavors, including Dog's Most Wanted, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.