Dog the Bounty Hunter Promises to Bring the 'Controversy' on 'Dog Unleashed' (Exclusive)

Duane 'Dog' Chapman has never shied away from making a stir, and the Dog the Bounty Hunter star is [...]

Duane "Dog" Chapman has never shied away from making a stir, and the Dog the Bounty Hunter star is only upping the ante when it comes to his new show, Dog Unleashed, which will debut on the reality star's new streaming service, Unleashed!, launching in 2021. Speaking to prior to the premiere of his new movie, Hunter's Creed (now available on video on demand, streaming and DVD), the bounty hunter revealed he and fiancée Francie Frane were already filming the first episodes of what he assured would be a show filled with "controversy."

In Dog Unleashed, Chapman and his bounty hunting team will be tracking down some of the most dangerous criminals on the run from the law — including rapists, murderers and child molesters — after families from all over the country reached out to ask for help. Joining their dad will be all fans' favorite family members, including Baby Lyssa, Leland and Bonnie Chapman, as well as Frane's son Greg, who is a professional hunter with skills in tracking and trapping animals. Even Frane will be helping her husband-to-be in his dangerous quest, with Chapman telling PopCulture, "She's just as crazy as I am!"

"The world is getting more dangerous, not only because of COVID, but with a justice system that is bowing down to these people," Chapman said of the kinds of criminals they will be tracking down on Dog Unleashed, adding that he fully expects to create a heated conversation around the new show now that he's free to speak his mind on his own network.

"I had been leashed up and told, 'You can't do that,' and, 'You can't have that made public,' so I'm hoping this is my final series," he told PopCulture of what's to come. "I tell [the film team] just shut up and roll.
 ...We're gonna start some controversy, and I think I'm the president of that." He added, "It's the next chapter of my life, and I'm going out with a bang."

Chapman is considering a softer side to his new series as well, revealing that after Frane talked him out of opening their wedding to the public in favor of "just family and close friends," she did agree to have the ceremony filmed so that fans can celebrate alongside them for some kind of wedding special. As for when that is coming, Chapman joked Frane "hasn't exactly set the date" after announcing their engagement in May, so fans will just have to wait!