'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Hit With Wife Beth's $75,000 Credit Card Bill Amid Hawaii Mansion Legal Battle

Amid all the grief that Duane "Dog" Chapman has contended with since the death of his wife, Beth Chapman, last summer, he now has legal woes as well. Beth Chapman's estate has been sued for $73,860.55 by Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard on Jan. 27, per a report from The Sun. MasterCard also filed a second lawsuit for $1,078.78 on a different account on Feb. 11, per Hawaiian court papers.

While the Dog the Bounty Hunter star isn't responsible for paying off the debt himself, he is responsible for handling claims like these against his late wife's estate.

Back in September, Chapman revealed that he was out of money and in danger of losing his home in Colorado, though the interview wasn't published until January.

"I'm broke," Chapman told The New York Times. At the time, he was hunting the "biggest bond I've ever written" for a Hawaiian drug dealer who fled to California. The bond would pay out $1.5 million.

Chapman is also due back in court in March after failing to make over $100,000 in payments on the $2.24 million mansion the couple bought from Karen and Craig Mills in 2015.

"As of November 27, 2018, there was an outstanding balance due of $109,328.69 for unpaid monthly payments, and reimbursement for utilities, real property taxes and insurance premiums," the lawsuit read.

It goes on to claim that Chapman has "failed and refused to pay the amounts due" and "refused to vacate the Portlock Property, despite the Plaintiffs demand that they do."

Along with his legal problems, Chapman has faced problems on the homefront as well. Since his wife's death, the reality star had sought solace in longtime family friend Moon Angell. This hasn't sat well with some of his family members -- namely "Baby" Lyssa Chapman, who regularly took to Twitter to voice her disgust at Angell.


Lyssa Chapman was even arrested for harassment in early February and charged with two misdemeanor counts of harassment, with each count related to her alleged stalking of one man and one woman. It was reported that the woman involved is Angell, though Chapman himself simply said that Lyssa was "one of my crazy daughters."

However, it appears that the Chapman patriarch has turned a corner. On Saturday, he posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend that said he was "not afraid" anymore, before professing his undying love for his late wife.