'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Duane Chapman Posts Outdoor Photo That Has Fans Concerned

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are concerned for Duane 'Dog' Chapman after he posted a solo Instagram [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are concerned for Duane "Dog" Chapman after he posted a solo Instagram photo of himself. The 66-year-old took to the social media platform on Tuesday to re-post an old photo that his late wife, Beth Chapman, shared on her own profile last year. He offered no caption to the photo aside from mentioning that it was a repost.

In the snapshot, Chapman sits outdoors on a short stone wall in gray and black sweatpants and a white tank top. He rests his elbow on his knee and dons his signature black sunglasses. In Beth's original post, shared on June 10, 2018 — just over a year before her death — she wrote that the photo was taken in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

"At peace with my love @duanedogchapman," she captioned the photo at the time. She used a hashtag for Father's Day, writing, "[Father's Day] coming up don't forget the man in your life."

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In the comments section of Chapman's post from this week, fans encouraged Chapman to "stay strong" following Beth's passing.

"Stay strong Dog," one Instagram user wrote.

Another said, "Hang in there dog u'll get through this brother."

Someone else said, "We love you dog."

A fourth wrote, "I see Beth standing right next to you. Where you are she is. Stay strong!"

Yet another wrote, "stay strong praying for you."

Chapman's daughter "Baby" Lyssa Chapman also commented on the photo, sharing just a single sobbing emoji.

Lyssa also shared a few photos of Beth on Tuesday, captioning her post, "Really missing you," with a sad emoji.

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On Thanksgiving, Chapman and Beth's daughter Bonnie Chapman took to social media to dispute rumors about her father, telling fans that he is, in fact, alive and breathing after reports previously surfaced that he had died by suicide.

In an Instagram video, a stunned Bonnie told fans not to believe anything that isn't directly from her family and that her father is very much "living and breathing."

"Hey there, just wanted to make it clear: my dad did not die to suicide, he's taking a nap right now," Bonnie said in the video she filmed Thanksgiving night. "He's completely fine. Unless you hear something from me or my family, then it is false."

She said how it was "kind of ridiculous" that she even had to share the update. "But I guess this is our lives now," she added. "Anyways, yes my dad is living and breathing, he's very much alive, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner and he's perfectly fine so yeah just wanted to come on here and say that."

Beth died on June 28 following a battle with cancer at the age of 51. Since her death, Chapman has been candid about the struggles that come with losing his wife of more than a decade, even saying that he should have died before her.

"I lost my mother first, and when my mom passed away, I'm like, 'I wish Dad would have died first,' you know, because I love my mummy," he said at the time. "So, I went to them and said, 'I'm so sorry that I didn't die first and Mum did.'"

"And they were like, 'Yeah dad, why?' So I was like, 'Oh my God, I know what that feels like, I should've been the one. The guy goes first,'" he added.