'Deadliest Catch' Alum Jake Harris Reportedly Sentenced to 18 Months in Jail

Deadliest Catch alum Jake Harris won't be back on board any time soon. TMZ reports that the former Discovery Channel star was recently sentenced to 18 months in a Mt Vernon, Washington, jail, which is located in Skagit County. The sentence stems from two felony charges, one for driving while intoxicated and another for heroin possession with the intent to manufacture or deliver.

In the incident in question, Harris would not identify himself to local park rangers when they attempted to pull him over on Jan. 23, as TMZ noted in their initial report. Harris, who was driving an RV, took off, leading state troopers on a high speed chase. Cops eventually caught up with the reality TV personality and noticed signs of possible drugs use. Officers specifically cited the fact that he was talking fast, would not be still and also had "pinpoint pupils, bloodshot eyes and pale face."

A K-9 unit was then called, confirming their suspicions and finding heroin in the RV.

In addition to the time he'll be serving, he will also have to stay sober for at least a year after he is released. He will be evaluated for drug dependency and alcohol use, and he will also have an ignition interlock device, which forces drivers to take a breathalyzer before their vehicle will start, placed in his car.

Harris is the son of late Cornelia Marie captain Phil Harris and was on Deadliest Catch until 2012. Jake's brother Josh is still on the series and is the new captain of the Cornelia Marie. At one point, Jake was also a member of the FV Northwestern crew.


Deadliest Catch and Discovery Channel have not issued any sort of statement on Jake's legal issues as of press time.

Photo Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage