'Dancing With the Stars' Host Erin Andrews Claps Back at 'Disgusting' Comment About Her Appearance on Monday's Show

Erin Andrews is the queen of a classy clapback! The Dancing With the Stars host defended herself from "disgusting remarks" about her appearance on Monday's episode of the ABC dance competition show after a troll came for the sparkly green pants she rocked with a black top while presenting alongside Tom Bergeron.

Erin Andrews DWTS
(Photo: (ABC/Eric McCandless)

"Those are the most hideous baby s#it green metal flake pants I have ever seen," one Twitter critic responded to Andrews' tweet in appreciation of being called by another user a "disco queen" for the look. "Your bony hips protruding out and your bowlegged stance are not doing anything to make that ensemble any more attractive dear. Whomever let you wear that should be ashamed of themselves."

The needlessly cruel remark first earned a response from Erin's father, Steve Andrews, who told the user he hoped her daughter would never face such a "classless remark," ending his rebuke with "positive thoughts" being sent her way.

Erin piled onto her father's tweet, adding, "I hope your children are NEVER subjected to such disgusting remarks."

She made sure to add a little shadiness to her response, too, thanking her own parents for being good role models who "taught me how to be kind and spread love!"

Erin's other followers made sure to lift her up and let her know that the voice of one negative person was far from the consensus, both on her as a person and her pants.

"Stay on that high ground Erin," one follower wrote. "Unreal."

Another added, "Keep the positivity coming Lady, keep shining bright! And keep those pants, totally love them!!!"


"I'm very sorry to see that people feel free to spew hate at people like this," yet another chimed in. "And may I thank you for your part a particularly fun show tonight! I thought you and Tom were especially 'on,' and I really, really enjoyed it!"

Photo credit: ABC/Eric McCandless