'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Felt the Emotion From Hannah Brown's Heart-to-Heart With Carrie Ann Inaba

Hannah Brown and Carrie Ann Inaba shared an emotional moment during the video segment that aired before her and partner, Alan Bersten, took to their dance floor for their first routine of the evening. Each pair was given a "redemption dance" where they were assigned a specific dance that they previously didn't perform well on earlier in the season.

Inaba came in to let Brown know that her assignment, and that's where the two shared a moment that came across in two different ways to viewers.

Brown said that "Carrie Ann really pushes me" when talking with her partner about which judge they'd want to come through and coach them. Speaking to the camera, Brown explained that Inaba hasn't been "my source of confidence" throughout the season as she has been harder on her than the other two judges, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.

When practicing their newly assigned rumba dance, Inaba attempts to critique Brown and Bersten before Brown tears up. Inaba attempted to help guide her to which Brown said, "I don't want to be touched."

The moment featured tears and intense conversation, and it carried over to the post-dance commentary.

Immediately after their dance, Brown grabbed the mic and apologized.

"I just want to say I am so sorry if it seemed like I was dismissive of you trying to help me... I had a really hard day that day... and I feel I didn't handle my emotions very well... I wanted to say I'm so sorry," she stated.

Inaba responded by saying she "was never offended by that."

"I know that this journey for everyone is so challenging," Inaba responded. "We are here to help you... we want to make you better. Anything I say is to help make you better."

Some fans of the show weren't quite sold on the apology.


"Did Hannah just try to save face for her dismissive attitude towards Carrie Ann? Yes. You're not used to criticism. Grow up, honey! It's your time to go tonight. You just did that because the press got wind of that story all day today," one user tweeted.

Dancing With The Stars will kick off its finale next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.