'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant Reveals Concerning Injury During Season 30 Premiere

The first celebrity injury of Dancing With The Stars Season 30 was revealed about 90 minutes into Monday's premiere episode. Christine Chiu, who stars in the Netflix reality series Bling Empire, revealed that she dislocated a rib during rehearsals with her pro dance partner, Pasha Pashkov. Despite this injury, Chiu pulled off an impressive Week 1 dance, earning a strong score from the judges.

After dancing a Tango to "Glamorous" by Fergie and Ludacris, Chiu earned mostly positive notes from the judges. Even Len Goodman thought she gave a "terrific effort." After the judges gave their reviews, host Tyra Banks noted that she would have broken her back if she tried to pull the same movies Chiu did. At that point, Chiu revealed that she really did injure something last week.

"We dislocated this rib," Chiu said, while pointing to her back. She then corrected herself, pointing to Pashkov as she said "he" dislocated her rib. "Are you serious?" Banks asked. "No pain, no gain," Chiu replied. Chiu then praised Pashkov as a "great teacher" who is patient. But if you "don't do right things, he'll dislocate your rib," she joked. "But other than that, he's amazing." Pashkov looked a little embarrassed after that, but their emotions quickly turned to celebrating as the two earned a 25/40 for their dancing.

Chiu is one of the stars of Bling Empire, a Netflix reality show that focuses on the lives of East Asian-American socialites living in Los Angeles. The first season was released in January, and a second season is already underway. Chiu is also the co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. and married to plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu, who is also featured in the show. Gabriel Chiu claims to be the 24th direct descendant of the Song Dynasty.

"I think the first couple of days I was in disbelief, I was so giddy! The whole lower half of my face was very sore because it just couldn't believe it,' Chiu told HollywoodLife about her first days rehearsing for DWTS. "However, I actually think that worked to my disadvantage because the dance that we're doing is a much more serious dance, so I had to shake that out of myself a little bit and get a little more serious." DWTS airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC