CW Just Changed the Name of a Major TV Show

'FGirl Island' has changed to 'Lovers and Liars' ahead of its premiere in April.

Among the many changes at The CW, FGirl Island is the latest. The reality dating series, which puts a female twist on FBoy Island, was initially announced in March 2023. It's set to premiere this April, and according to Us Weekly, FGirl Island is now called Lovers and Liars. The reason for the name change is unknown, but don't expect the nature of the series to change.

Much like FBoy Island, Lovers and Liars will see three single men on a tropical island with 24 women who are there for either love or the big cash prize. As of now, the cast has yet to be announced, but since it's premiering in April, it shouldn't be too much longer. Meanwhile, FBoy Island host Nikki Glaser will host Lovers and Liars. Even with the name change, it's still going to be a series you won't want to miss.

FBoy Island premiered on HBO Max in 2021 and was renewed for a second season only a month later. Season 2 premiered the following summer but was canceled in December 2022. Hope for the show's future didn't die out, as studio STXalternative had plans to shop the reality series around. The CW revealed in March 2023 it would not only be picking up the show for a third season, but it had ordered a new spinoff series that would become Lovers and Liars.

The name change from FGirl Island to Lovers and Liars is only the latest change for The CW. The network has officially dropped the "The" from its name, or at least the logo, but will still be going by The CW in most circumstances. Meanwhile, the Nexstar ownership has brought in some programming changes, most notably slashing most of the original scripted series in favor of unscripted, acquired, and sports. There are still new shows coming and returning shows, but not as much as before.

Lovers and Liars will be premiering on The CW on Apr. 14 at 9 p.m. ET. Hopefully, a cast of males and females will be announced soon, but fans of dating series will have yet another show to put on their watchlist. All three seasons of FBoy Island, as well as multiple international versions, are streaming for free on The CW app and The CW website, which will surely keep fans occupied until April for the newest iteration in the franchise.