The CW Is Changing Its Name

Timed to the Critics' Choice Awards, The CW will drop the "The" from its new logo, with the change starting on Jan. 14.

The CW's rebranding is continuing. Variety reports that timed to Sunday's Critics' Choice Awards, the network will be revealing an "evolution" for its logo and brand identity. Gone will be the familiar green, with a red-orange color palette replacing it. On top of that, the network will be calling it "CW hot sauce." The CW's longtime "Dare to defy" motto has been retired, and nothing will replace it.

"The CW is in the middle of a brand transformation, and a new network deserves a new look and feel," The CW chief marketing officer Chris Spadaccini explained. "When I got here, not only did I arrive to find a logo that was slightly dated, there was really zero consistency in terms of how we presented our brand. Everything just looked very different. Even though I love the programming and even the marketing creative was great, there was really not a very well-defined brand behind it. That was the impetus for the project when [The CW entertainment president] Brad [Schwartz] hired me."

On top of the red-hot new look, there is also another notable change to the logo. The network has dropped the "The" from The CW, at least in the logo. "The CW" will still be "The CW," but the "The" will just be implied rather than actually included in the logo. It might sound confusing, but the network has been referred to as both The CW and CW since its launch in 2008, so not much should change. It does make the logo a little less clunky, a lot more sleek, and a lot more readable.

"We came to the conclusion that the logo needed a makeover, and the 'The' is not readable," Spadaccini shared. "Where it's placed currently in the logo does not reduce down well to digital formats. It's not readable in streaming, it's not readable in social media. It's not readable on anything on a mobile screen, which is where we're largely engaging with our customers. So that creates problems."

"We're not 'The CW Sports.' We're 'CW Sports,'" Spadaccini continued. "We're not presenting 'The CW Original,' we're presenting a 'CW Original.' But we are still very much 'The CW.' That's how people refer to us. That's how the press refers to us. Even if I tried to drop the, it would be impossible because, in the culture, we're always 'The CW.' It's not 'The NBC' or 'The ABC,' so it kind of differentiates us." The change will take effect this Sunday, Jan. 14, with social handles being updated as well, ahead of new and returning shows this season, including the new series Wild Cards, premiering this Wednesday, Jan. 17.