'Counting On': Jill Duggar Talks Getting 'Touchy Feely' With Husband Derick Dillard in Date Night Post

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is opening up about her "touchy-feely" side as she celebrates date night with her husband, Derick Dillard. The Counting On alum gave a bit of a saucy answer to inquisitive fans who asked why she and her guy decided to sit side-by-side on their night out after sharing a picture of the evening on social media.

"Date night with my favorite person [Derick Dillard]. We've missed our regular date night outings during covid and have had lots of in home dates, but we were able to swap childcare with friends last night for a date!" she captioned the photo of herself and her husband, parents to sons Samuel Scott, 3, and Israel David, 5, sitting next to each other at the restaurant. "#blessedbeyondmeasure #datenight #hubbytime #stillhoneymooning."

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One of the TLC personality's followers asked, "I always wonder why you sit next to each other and not opposite? I like to look at my hubby in the eyes when we are talking and laughing." Jill responded candidly, "I'm very touchy-feely, so we like to sit on the same side of the booth always lol."

Jill also answered inquisitive fans who asked about her drink on the table, revealing it was a "regular" piña colada, not a virgin cocktail. While Jill got a lot of support for her decision to indulge in an adult drink, the news came as a shock for longtime Duggar fans, who know her family doesn't approve of drinking alcohol. Derick and Jill have long maintained they don't obey the Duggar rules on drinking, with the law student telling a fan on Twitter in 2018 that they "don't believe the Bible teaches that drinking is a sin." In a 2020 interview with Without a Crystal Ball, Derick explained he only tried alcohol after he was of legal age, and that the two don't see anything wrong with it, although he isn't a regular drinker.

Derick had also come out strong against Jill's father, Jim Bob Duggar, accusing him of not allowing his children to be paid for their family's reality shows and for threatening him and Jill when they expressed interest in leaving the show. "We do try to invite brothers and sisters-in-law over as much as they can come," he told The Sun in June. He went on to say they "hope and pray God would restore relationships where there is brokenness," and the couple understands "that only God can change people's hearts and bring healing."