'Counting On' Fans Bothered by One Aspect of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's Marriage

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is really proud that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, was once a professional soccer player. For some Counting On fans, Jinger talks about her husband's past too much. After Jinger shared a video of her daughter Felicity playing with a soccer ball and suggested she could be a goalkeeper just like her dad, fans took to Reddit to grumble.

Last week, Jinger shared the video on her Instagram Story, adding, "Unless she ends up being a goalkeeper like her daddy!" A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the clip, adding the headline "We get it! Jeremy used to be a goalkeeper." The post received 131 up-votes.

"Whaaaa? Jeremy used to be a goalie?? Next you’re going to tell me he likes books," another person sarcastically wrote.

"Hopefully Felicity ends up loving soccer, is better than Jeremy, and has a real career and fame," another Reddit user wrote. "Jeremy would try to ride the coattails by writing a book about raising her ([also known as] his autobiography with a few mentions of Felicity) and be super passive-aggressively jealous to her about it."

"It’s because they don’t have a boy yet, and he wants to look ever so open enough to 'let' his daughter enter pro sports someday. Once they have a son he’ll be the new goalie of the fam, bet," another person theorized.

Vuolo, 32, played as a goalkeeper in Major League Soccer and the North American Soccer League before retiring to focus on his religious studies. In a blog post, Vuolo said he stepped away from the game as his passion "of playing soccer for a living began to dwindle as a burning desire to serve God as a preacher and a pastor was growing."

Jinger, 25, and Vuolo married in 2016. The couple celebrated Felicity's first birthday in July.

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"Seeing Felicity grow and develop new skills is like watching a flower bloom," Jinger wrote in a new Instagram post on Sept. 10. "It seems like overnight that she’s gone from being fully reliant upon us for everything, to mastering crawling, leaving dad & mom chasing her all over the place!"

Jinger also confirmed in the caption that Felicity took her first steps.

"Felicity has taken a few solo steps in recent days, but seems to embrace a more cautious approach when it comes to her strides. I know that these days will pass quickly, and she will be running all over the place," she wrote. "I am just so thankful to have a front row seat, watching this little one explore the world around her."

The fresh post received plenty of positive remarks from fans and Jinger's friends.


Vuolo and Jinger also live far from the other members of the Duggar family. They now reside in Los Angeles, as Vuolo studies at The Master's Seminary at Grace Community Church.

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