'Counting On' Alum Amy Duggar Reportedly Criticizes Family in Cryptic Post About 'Being Silenced'

Amy (Duggar) King, a cousin of the Counting On Duggar family, appeared to throw some shade at her famous family in a cryptic tweet Thursday. King shared a quote that a woman should "never be silenced." The message seemed like a reference to Without A Crystal Ball vlogger Katie Joy turning an interview with King "private" after "someone" did not want the interview to get noticed.

"I've said it once, I'll say it again... "A [woman]'s voice should never be silenced," she tweeted Thursday. The tweet was published a day after King spoke with Joy about growing up as a member of the Duggar family, with cousins who followed a conservative lifestyle. Hours later, Joy made the video unavailable to the public, claiming "someone" did not want the video seen, reports InTouch Weekly.

"[I] had the chance to speak with Amy Duggar King... While this video was premiering, I received a message from Amy that someone wanted the video down. Someone," Joy told her fans in a follow-up video. "When I found out shortly after this video went live and while it was premiering that this video would need to come down, I was shocked... Nothing was said negatively at all about this family."

King's fans realized that her Thursday tweet might be linked to the Joy interview situation, and many praised her for continuing to speak out.

"So glad I got to hear the interview with [Joy] before it got taken down," one fan wrote. "No one should be allowed to silence a person from telling their own story! Never give up, never give in. Your voice represents so many other unheard voices!"

"Much love Amy! Can not lie, you always have been my fav," another person wrote. "Don't let anyone silence you. God bless."

On Saturday, Joy revealed that King will be back on the show this week, with details to be announced later.

"Due to popular demand, I will have Amy Duggar back next week!" Joy tweeted. "She had such a good time. We will talk about Blanket Training and other hot topics. Date and time to be determined."

King has often spoken out about her famous family in the past. Back in January 2018, she criticized Bill Gothard and the Institute of Biblical Life Principals, the church the Duggars are members of.

"I have to be honest, and true to myself by tweeting this," she wrote at the time. "I do not support Bill Gothard and the Institute of Biblical Life Principles in any way, shape or form. I find his 'teachings' extremely questionable. I am a Christian. I [believe] in God's good Grace and freedom to be ourselves! God gave us emotions, personalities and He wants us to live our best life. Legalism is the opposite of what my Bible teaches."

King's husband Dillon King also criticized the Duggar family when asked about their feelings on the couple's first child.

"They were like, 'When is this going to happen? You guys have been married for almost four years,'" King recalled in an August 2019 PEOPLE interview. "I think it was the appropriate amount of time," Dillon chimed in.

King and Dillon married in September 2015. Unlike her cousins, King waited four years to have her first child. Son Dax was born via C-section in October 2019. King revealed her son's birth would not be featured on Counting On.


Despite their differences, King is still on friendly terms with her cousins. Following Dax's birth, many of her cousins, including Jill (Dillard) Duggar, shared photos with the newborn.

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