'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pushes Back Against Claims She's Wearing Her Face Mask Wrong

Jamie Chapman is pushing back against commenters who accused her of wearing her face mask wrong. On Wednesday, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star and cover model nominee posted a selfie from her seat on an airplane, writing, "Catching flights not feelings... ya know 'sick feelings' due to [coronavirus]" and her "N95 is here to save my life."

However, after some commenters attempted to point out that Chapman was wearing the surgical-grade face-covering incorrectly, she didn't hold back. "[I don't know] why this is an issue but it is an N95 mask," Chapman wrote in the comments. "Again, I work for the city and they don't give out just anything, they give out what protects us the most. You can say I'm wearing it wrong, it looks this and that, but I give zero f—s. I know what it is."

"I know I am wearing it right," Chapman continued. "And maybe everyone else should do some research before coming here trying to make me look stupid when you just made yourselves look that way." The comment was on-brand for Chapman, who's no stranger to being unapologetically herself on social media.

Back in May, Chapman posted an expletive-filled TikTok where she took on her critics as a whole. "All those haters out there leaving hateful comments: I didn't give a f— yesterday, I don't have a f— today to give, and it looks like we're out of f—s already tomorrow," she said in the clip. "Maybe try again next year; 2020 looks like everything is out of stock, including the f—s you think I'm gonna give."

Chapman went on to joke that people could try and attack her later after she might "restock" on caring. "I don't know! I might buy me a box of f—s to give, but right now I have no f—s to give. So f— you and yeah, f— your opinion, because I don't f—ing care. Try someone else." To be fair, she captioned the post "WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE," which she said was because she was "in a MOOD."