'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Delivers Heated TikTok Rant to Her Haters

Duane "Dog" Chapman's daughter-in-law, Jamie Pilar Chapman, is making it crystal clear to her social media followers that she couldn't care less about their negative opinions. Dog the Bounty Hunter star Leland Chapman's wife took to her TikTok account Monday with an expletive-filled message to the people who leave hateful comments on her videos, which range from humorous to sultry.

"WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE BECAUSE I’m in a MOOD," she captioned the TikTok in which she speaks directly to the camera. "All those haters out there leaving hateful comments: I didn't give a f—yesterday, I don't have a f— today to give, and it looks like we're out of f—s already tomorrow. Maybe try again next year; 2020 looks like everything is out of stock, including the f—s you think I'm gonna give."

Jamie joked people could try her later, as she might "restock" on caring. "I don't know! I might buy me a box of f—s to give, but right now I have no f—s to give," she continued. "So f— you and yeah, f— your opinion, because I don't f—ing care. Try someone else."

The video clearly hit the right note with the model's followers, one of whom declared it a "mood forevaaaa" in the comments section. "Omg.. i love this! I’m right there with you girl! #F—sAreOutOfStock," another person wrote, as a third chimed in, "Absolutely loved this video and keep letting those haters have it and remember you are a beautiful woman!"

Jamie has never shied away from sharing her exact opinion with people who take issue with her public persona. On Christmas Eve, she sent a message to people who hadn't given being "hateful" a break even during the holiday season. "To all keyboard warriors, as much as I love talking s— back to those of you who have been hateful lately. Today and tomorrow, I will not be participating due to it being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day," she wrote at the time. "So in other words, be nice or say nothing at all. If you can’t control yourselves like grown adults, then know now that I will block you from ALL accounts."