Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pilar's Sparkling New Year's Photo Has Fans Excited for 2020

Leland Chapman's wife Jamie Pilar's New Year's celebration message had Instagram on fire. The Dog the Bounty Hunter personality took to Instagram Tuesday, Dec. 31 to share a sweet message for her fans ahead of 2020. The message included a steamy gif featuring Pilar wearing only a big bow in her head and a red cloth covering her body.

"2019 – it's been real! However, I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things coming in 2020! This is going to be the dream achieving year! [champagne emoji and clinking glasses emoji]," the model wrote in the caption of the post.

The clip brought joy to the reality television personality's followers, who took to the comments section to send well wishes and share their hopes for the new year.

"Yes!!!! I'm ready for big changes in 2020! I deserve it! And you deserve it! We all deserve it! No I'm not drunk already. Lol just so ready for this year to be over!" One fan wrote.

"Happy New Year Leland n Jamie I love you guys," another user commented.

"Wishing you a beautiful and successful year for you and your husband," a third fan gushed.

"Aww absolutely beautiful [Jamie Chapman] [red heart emojis] it's been nice getting to know you more from watching and following the family [purple heart emoji]Happy New Year to you, Leland and all your family, all the way from Scotland. with love," another user commented.

Jamie has been making a splash with her social media presence. Her and Lelan Chapman have been the subject of many sweet snaps, bringing warm responses from fans. However, the social media influencer does not fear being stern with her trolls.

She recently wrote a lengthy message to online critics, shaming the "keyboard warriors" for their hateful messages during Christmas time.


"To all keyboard warriors, as much as I love talking s— back to those of you who have been hateful lately. Today and tomorrow, I will not be participating due to it being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day," Jamie wrote. "So in other words, be nice or say nothing at all. If you can’t control yourselves like grown adults, then know now that I will block you from ALL accounts."

Concluding her message with a kissing emoji, she wrote simply: "Merry Christmas Eve."