'Chrisley Knows Best' Stars Stress Putting on Their First Pageant

The Chrisleys are no strangers to the pageant world, but in Tuesday's all-new episode of Chrisley Knows Best, they were panicky producing their first Miss Florida USA pageant.

"We recently became the new directors of the Miss Florida USA, and we just arrived in Tampa for the show," Todd Chrisley said at the start of the episode.

"To say we're stressed is an understatement," wife Julie chimed in. "I need everyone to pitch in in order to make this thing a success."

While the family has been heavily involved in the pageant world for years, Todd explained that they were finally taking over for their executive producer Robin in getting involved in the nitty gritty details, like tech checks and luncheons.

"We're going to step up, and that's a daunting task," he said, to which Julie added on, "We've been to a million pageants, but we've never produced one."

"I mean I have in my mind," Todd quipped.

And while they had plenty on their plates already, Julie was left feeling even more stressed when Todd got wrapped up in proving mom Nanny Faye had been scammed when she purchased a diamond ring at the pawn shop that she claimed was worth $25,000.

He even called in his personal appraiser to see how authentic the ring was — and the verdict was "mediocre."

"It looks like the ring is worth about $2,500 tops," the appraiser said, at which point Nanny Faye admitted she paid nearly double that.

"Well mother, your days of thinking you're Elizabeth Taylor have ended, but at least it's real," Todd said, at which point Faye told him to kiss her ring, and left.

When he returned from his little excursion, he found that Julie and daughter Savannah had gotten most of what needed to be done without his help, much to their annoyance.

They weren't the only Chrisleys annoyed with Todd's recent behavior. Nanny Faye was still salty over his stunt with the appraiser, telling her son to stay out of her business unless otherwise asked.

"It may have been a little bit over the top," he admitted, asking his mother to at least consider an appraisal next time she makes a big purchase.

"All things said, I'm glad I apologized to my mother," he told the cameras following the touching reconciliation.

But in the end, the pageant went off without a hitch.

"We're got the whole next year to make this pageant bigger and better," Julie said. "And next year everyone has to leave their jewellery at home."


Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

Photo credit: Instagram/Todd Chrisley