'Chrisley Knows Best' Dad Todd Chrisley Spills Even More Tea With Latest Tax Official Document Drop

Todd Chrisley continues to rail against Director of the Georgia Department of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation Joshua Waites on Instagram, releasing police records from an apparent 2006 disorderly conduct arrest and accusing him of having "bullied, threatened and intimidated" people using his position. As Chrisley sues Waites for allegedly having cultivated a personal relationship with daughter Lindsie in order to smear him in the since-settled tax evasion case against both him and wife Julie, the USA star took to social media with another document drop.

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"Good evening, I literally continue to be amazed at how awesome God is," Chrisley began his lengthy caption alongside police records for what he claims to be Waites' 2006 arrest in Florida for disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer with violence, which appears to have been later changed to a charge of resisting a police officer without violence and absolved with a $251 fine alongside six months on probation. Many of the documents are emblazoned with the words "Unofficial Document" across them.

"When this nightmare of lies and deceit started with The Georgia Dept Of Revenue, The Chief of Police for the GDOR Joshua Karl Waites he lied about us and so many other taxpayers in the state of Georgia , he’s bullied, threatened and intimidated , he’s tried to humiliate and shame hard working people , rule with fear,take people’s civil liberties as well as their property and doing this with The Georgia Dept Of Revenue having knowledge of some these situations," Chrisley claimed.

He continued, asking, "This man was hired to be the chief of police for the GDOR while having a criminal arrest for assaulting a police officer and having a DUI, yet he’s given a badge to destroy lives of folks that have done far less than he’s done, WHY is the man still employed with The State of Georgia?"

Chrisley also leveled a shot at those telling him to stay away from posting public documents about Waites while he and wife Julie still face federal tax evasion charges.

"Why am I being told to STOP posting his personal history?" he asked. "It’s public record and what Joshua Karl Waites has done to my family and others should be brought to light , he should be removed from his position and charged for the crimes he’s committed , I will Continue to post weekly as new information continues to pour in."


Waites has not responded publicly to Chrisley's posts or lawsuit.

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