Chip and Joanna Gaines Give First Look at New Network

Chip and Joanna Gaines have a lot to be excited for when it comes to their new network — and [...]

Chip and Joanna Gaines have a lot to be excited for when it comes to their new network — and they're sharing a sneak peek with fans! The Fixer Upper stars shared the first real look at their biggest project yet with fans during their summer update on their Magnolia blog, revealing the kind of content fans can expect to see on the channel.

Alongside the trailer, which can be seen on the Magnolia website, Joanna opened up about the hard work she and her husband have been putting in since announcing last fall that their Magnolia brand, in partnership with Discovery Inc., would be replacing the DIY Network with the Gaines' by summer 2020. In addition to the full Fixer Upper archive, the network will feature programming surrounding community, home, garden, food, wellness, entrepreneurialism and design.

"I have to remind myself that it's possible nobody ever really knows what they're doing and how it's OK that we are hitting the ground running while simultaneously learning about this new venture all at once," Joanna reflected in her blog.

Thinking about all she and her family have done, even when it seemed impossible, was grounding for her in this journey.

"When I think back to what Chip and I have done together over the past 16 years, it all felt insurmountable at the time," the former HGTV star wrote. "Whether it was flipping our first house together, opening our own business or having kids, there were just so many unknowns."

Brainstorming for the network, Joanna explained, "We have started the process of exploring ideas for shows and the ways in which we'll curate and produce them. Since we started this journey we've known one thing for certain: we believe there are good stories waiting to be told and we can't wait to tell them. In the meantime, we made [the trailer] to help explain the heart behind this venture."

She concluded, "When I get nervous or afraid, the part that gets me up every day is that fact that we get to climb these steep mountains together. We have grown to love the unknown and the risks and challenges that come with it. That's what makes us feel alive and young."

Photo credit: Magnolia