'Celebrity Big Brother': Todd Bridges Does a 180, Slams Todrick Hall

Todd Bridges has changed his tune about Todrick Hall following his eviction. While Bridges told host Julie Chen Moonves that he would be voting for Hall in his post-eviction interview, he has since changed his mind after catching up on what went down in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Bridges and the other celebrity jurors will return on Wednesday to crown the winner of the third season of Celebrity Big Brother

As he exited the house, Bridges told Hall that he believed that he was playing a great game. However, after learning about some of the things done and said behind his back, the actor has a different view of the situation. Bridges told Us Weekly that he was "shocked" to see everything that Hall did while on the reality competition. While some of these actions were directed towards Bridges, he also noted how surprised he was to see the breadth of things that Hall did to others in the house. 

"But it wasn't just about me. It's about all of us and I'm just upset how I let him convince me," Bridges said. "I just think that I've learned a lot of things. I knew in my instinct that I couldn't trust him, but I let my guard down. I guess I let my guard [down] because of Miesha (Tate), but now I know both of them, I can't trust neither one. And when it comes to playing a game, I'm just happy that I played a game that wasn't evil and mean."

Bridges didn't have the best things to say about Hall's game, but he did give him props for being able to convince them of "bullsh*t." He continued, "He was amazing at that. I never met a better bulls— artist than him." As for how this will all play into Bridges' finale decision, he said that there's simply "no way" that he would vote for Hall. So, it appears as though he'll be rooting for either Tate or Cynthia Bailey to take it home. 

"Now that I've seen the light, no way would he get my vote. There's no way," Bridges stated. "Like I said, I'm shocked at all the horrible things he was saying. … No one likes the way he played the game. It's OK to play to win, but not to play evil to win. That's just not a good way to play." To see how the vote ultimately plays out, fans can tune in to the finale of Celebrity Big Brother on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.