Casey Anthony's Parents Say They'll Sue If She Gets a Reality Show

Casey Anthony's parents are speaking out about a rumored reality TV program featuring the former suspected murderer.

George and Cindy Anthony were interviewed by Chris Hanson for Crime Watch Daily, and they were asked about a reality show that was apparently rumored to follow the everyday lives of former high-profile suspects, including Casey and O.J. Simpson.

As one would imagine, they were not pleased by this idea.

"Oh god," Cindy said. "If it came down to that, I would [sue]."

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Casey was tried for the 2008 death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, but was found not guilty on murder, manslaughter and child abuse charges.

Elsewhere in the Hansen interview, the couple touched on Casey's blackouts, a possible alibi for Caylee's death.

They revealed that their daughter suffered from seizures that have gone untreated.


"I think Casey is mentally ill. I really do," Cindy said. "She's never had her seizures worked up."

The full interview will air on Monday's episode of Crime Watch Daily.