'Big Brother' Alum Kemi Fakunle 'Disappointed and Disgusted' Over Behavior in House Following 'Degrading' Remarks

Kemi Fakunle is speaking out about the 'degrading and threatening' comments being made by some of [...]

Kemi Fakunle is speaking out about the "degrading and threatening" comments being made by some of her fellow houseguests in the Big Brother 21 house after widespread outrage from fans. After being evicted from the CBS reality show, Fakunle took to Twitter with a lengthy note addressing her houseguests' behavior.

"I am extremely disappointed and disgusted by the behavior I am being made aware of that occurred thus far in the Big Brother house," she wrote. "The degrading and threatening comments made by some houseguests and laughed at by others are outrageous and hard to see. I am saddened to be associated with such a negative display of human character and am horrified that this is now a part of my life story."

The reality personality went on to thank her fans "for all of the love and support" during the "one of a kind experience" in the house, noting, "It's unfortunate how the season has transpired thus far."

She also called for fans not to resort to negativity themselves, asking, "While I appreciate the support, I do ask that the negative comments that have been made in my defense stop. I do not want to perpetuate the same negativity that I received in the house."

Season 21 of Big Brother has been plagued by concerns about racist comments made by player Jack Matthews, including that he wanted to "stomp a mud hole through [Kemi's] chest" and calling her a "maggot."

He also called Isabella Wang, who is Asian, as "rice pudding," during a segment on the live feeds. When asked about the comments and perceived aggressive behavior, executive producer Allison Grodner told Entertainment Weekly recently, "The house dynamics in this social experiment are unpredictable and different every year as people align and realign. The bigger the group, the bigger the chance for some sort of 'mob mentality.'"

Big Brother airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET and Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS