'Big Brother' HOH Betrays Alliance With Bold Eviction Nominations

This Big Brother "alliance" was over before it even started.

After Angela Rummans won Head of Household in Sunday's episode of the CBS reality series, she and her fellow Level 6 alliance members — Tyler Crispen, Brett Robinson and Kaycee Clark — celebrated being safe for yet another week as their alliance continues to dominate the game.

But Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat were convinced, at least at first, that Tyler and Angela were on their side, after Fessy through out a last ditch effort to form a new alliance at the end of his mismanaged HOH. But when Haleigh saw the Level 6 players celebrating together, she had a moment of doubt.

"Fessy, these people are not with us, they've never been with us," she told the camera after trying to convince her beau that they had been betrayed. "We're absolutely screwed, like there's no, no way this is going to be a smooth week whatsoever. I guarantee I go up, it's just a matter of who I'm sitting there next to."

But Fessy was convinced the alliance he thought he was a part of was still in tact. "Haleigh, just trust me on this one. Ride with me on this, I got it."

The tension between the two was tearing their own burgeoning relationship apart.

When Fessy told Haleigh to keep quiet during a negotiation with Tyler, she stormed out, mad at her boyfriend's inability to play the game in a way that helped her.

"I am not the kind of person that lets a man speak for me," she told the camera. "So for Fessy to basically ask me to stop speaking, infuriates me."

Angela and the rest of Level 6 decided to use this showmance drama to their advantage when it came to the evictions, putting two of the other side's power players at once to guarantee one of them go home without getting more blood than necessary on their hands.

And while Fessy and Haleigh have the opportunity to win the power of veto and save themselves from the block, it's very likely that one of the two will be heading home.


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming