'Big Brother' Player Wins Head of Household for the First Time

Kaycee Clark is taking control of the Big Brother house.

After Scottie Salton was sent packing to the Jury House via a unanimous eviction vote yet again while up on the block against Haleigh Broucher during Thursday's episode of the CBS reality show, the houseguests battled against one another in the "Shell or Highwater" challenge for the title of Head of Household.

For Haleigh, it was a critical competition, having only narrowly avoided eviction when the Level 5 alliance and associated decided to target the wild card Scottie after he won his way into the house again during the Jury Battle Back.

But Level 6 member Kaycee dominated the competition, which required skill and patience in order to get three "pearls" into place on a tilting board. The pro football player has dominated in physical competitions in the past, but this is her first time winning the HOH competition after 79 days.

Her decision of whom she'll put on the block comes at a pivotal time as the houseguests dwindle further towards the final two. And with JC Mounduix trying to make moves to get Tyler Crispen or Brett Robinson to turn on Kaycee and Angela Rummans, Kaycee could be wise to rid the house of the manipulative floater.

The nominations will be announced Sunday, so there will be plenty of time for her to confer with her fellow Level 6 players to see if she wants to stick with her final two agreements or stray. And Thursday, there will be the ever-looming double eviction, which crams two weeks of Big Brother game play into one night.

In the meantime, she told host Julie Chen she'll be looking forward to her privileges as HOH, mostly the letter from her family.

Kaycee, who is gay, has spoken emotionally about her family in the past, breaking down in the diary room earlier this week about hoping that her mom can "fully accept" her, so hearing that there might be a letter from her mom understandably made Twitter emotional.

"I'm crying my eyes out. Did Julie hint Kaycee's mom wrote a letter? Her mom loves & accepts her. #lbgtproud Mamma. I think we found our season winner. What a story! #BB20" one user wrote.

"#BB20 kaycee telling her 'coming out' story 2 her mom made me cry!" another user wrote when watching Kaycee tell her story earlier this week. "She definitely needs reassurance frm her mom. She is a beautiful, brave, strong young lady & I'd be so proud if she was my daughter!"


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Photo Credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming