'Big Brother 24' Will Have Premiere and Eviction Night Twists

After 23 seasons, Big Brother fans have reason to believe they have seen it all. The Big Brother 24 premiere on Wednesday will prove them wrong. Host Julie Chen Moonves teased several premiere twists, including an eviction show on opening night. The cast will feature 16 new houseguests.

The challenges are "next level" this season, Chen Moonves told Entertainment Tonight Tuesday. "You're gonna see that on premiere night. It's a 90-minute premiere and as soon as people get out of the house, they're going to play new challenges we've never had before," she said. After the premiere, CBS will air a "crazy" first live eviction show that will stray far from the traditions fans expect, Chen Moonves teased.

"Oh and at the end of the premiere episode, I'm going to make them an offer that they cannot refuse," the longtime host hinted. "So it's like you go in and it's hitting you from all angles. It's a whole new game!"

A new twist will also be introduced during the premiere episodes, and audiences at home will have a vote on how that plays out, reports Entertainment Weekly. The live eviction studio episodes will also be without an audience again due to COVID safety precautions. The first houseguest sent home will not be who fans expect, Chen Moonves promised.

"It could almost be anyone," she told EW. "We have new levels of gameplay and twists that the game is certainly not what you think it is this season more than any other. It's our 24th season. We have to really switch it up."

The eviction episode will see the houseguests being thrown for a loop when Chen Moonves drops a major surprise. "Expect the unexpected! We have to hand it to [the players]," she said. "These people come in. They're experts. They've watched since they were like eight years old. They know the game. We have to do something to keep them on their toes."

Season 24 will also feature different themed episodes around festivals, including Music Fest, Renaissance Fest, and Comedy Fest. Chen Moonves' favorite is the "Zing Fest," which could mean a big episode for Zingbot 3000. As for the house's aesthetics, the host described it as "Palm Springs, mid-century, BB Motel."


Audiences will see where all these twists and turns lead when Big Brother 24 premieres on CBS Wednesday, July 6 at 8 p.m. ET. Episodes will also be available to stream on Paramount+