'Big Brother 21' Reveals Its Winner, and Fans Are Uneasy

It was an up-and-down 99 days in the Big Brother house, and it came down to Wednesday's episode as Holly Allen, Jackson Michie and Nicole Anthony were the final three standing on finale night. Michie had previously won the part one of a three-part competition to earn a spot in the final Head of Household challenge, meaning Nicole and Holly dueled it out to kick off the episode.

In an episode that featured more drama than expected with the jury coming back into the picture and the non-jury members getting their screen time, the ending of Big Brother was nothing short of entertaining.

WARNING: Spoilers from the season finale ahead

After Holly defeated Nicole in part two, she faced off with Michie in the final part for Head of Household. After getting all eight questions correct, Michie won the last challenge and ended up evicting Nicole.

The showmance headed into the finale together and faced the jury.

After much back-and-forth as they pleaded their case, it was Michie who was crowned as the Big Brother champion.

The decision by the jury caused quite a stir on Twitter as Michie was involved in some controversial situations throughout the season along with former houseguest, Jack Matthews. His previous remarks and interactions were brought up prior to Julie Chen announcing the winner, which only added more fuel to the fire that is social media.


Others felt that Michie played the best game and deserved the victory after securing a season-high 11 competition wins.

One of those who was pleased to see him win was former houseguest and fan favorite, Dan Gheesling, who tweeted: "Congrats to Michie on winning the season. Not an easy thing to do."