'Below Deck' Chief Stew Says She'd Only Return for This One Reason

Hannah Ferrier, who starred in the first five seasons of Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean, said she would only return to the franchise under one condition. If Captain Lee Rosbach asked the former chief stewardess to join the main Below Deck, she would be interested. Ferrier left the show in the middle of Season 5 because The Wellington Captain Sandy Yawn fired her because the two could not work together.

"I have said and I've spoken to [fiancé] Josh [Roberts] about this," Ferrier told Showbiz CheatSheet on Nov. 15. "If Lee ever got in trouble, and he needed me to come back. If he had a really bad chief stew, and he needed me to come back to help him? I would because he's always been there for me in the past." Rosbach is the captain featured in the original Below Deck series, which is now in the middle of its ninth season.

Even if Rosbach wanted to work with Ferrier, she still has some conditions. She would not want to star in a full season. "So it would kind of be a half-season," she said. "Or a few charters or something, if they needed help, I would go help. But obviously, I wouldn't go back to the Med as it stands."

The Below Deck franchise already has two spinoffs, Below Deck Mediterranean and the recently-launched Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Another one set in Australia, where Ferrier now lives, is in development. If Bravo asked her to join Below Deck Down Under, she would be up for that as well, she told CheatSheet. When asked about working on the show now that she and her fiance are parents, she joked that Roberts would thank her for leaving him alone with their daughter Ava for a few weeks.

Ferrier has two other projects keeping her busy. She runs the yacht training company Ocean International Training Academy and hosts the weekly podcast Dear Reality, You're Effed. The podcast started with Ferrier reading entries from her diaries but now includes interviews with other reality personalities. She said the show reflects her own interest in reality shows.


"I like watching all the Housewives. I watch Winter House, Summer House, Southern Charm, 90 Day [Fiancé]. So it was like something that I could relate to," she told CheatSheet. "I feel like, you know, a lot of people that do podcasts around reality TV have never been on reality TV, so it's kind of hard for them to really grasp, you know, the concepts."