'Bachelor' Contestant Demi Burnett Feels 'Disrespected' After Being Compared to Fox News' Tomi Lahren

Don't disrespect Demi Burnett or she'll put you on blast!

If you've been keeping up with Season 23 of The Bachelor, then you already know Burnett isn't afraid to clap back at other contestants for Colton Underwood's heart, but she's making it pretty clear she's not afraid to do the same with fans who are not in favor of her.

One fan of the show — who made it clear they're not a Burnett fan — posted a side-by-side photo of her and Fox News political personality, Tomi Lahren, and said, "I figured out what's rubbing me the wrong way about demi lmao #TheBachelor."

Burnett was quick to reply.

"Do not disrespect me like this."

The interior designer received lots of support from fans as a result.

One said, "I knew I liked you the most."

Another replied with, "Demi will dog walk you."

It seems as though this post even helped the outspoken contestant gain a few fans, with one writing, "OKAY EVERYONE ITS OFFICIAL WE LOVE DEMI."

Burnett stirred the pot her first night in the mansion and quickly became this season's villain by stealing Underwood from the other girls time-and-time again. Since her first night when she made it clear she was there for Underwood and Underwood only, she hasn't slowed down — even making a few girls cry. At first, she showed sympathy, but after that, she quickly threw her disregard towards those who couldn't seem to handle her kind of competition.

Even before the season aired, Burnett caused a bit of a frenzy. The young Instagram model was caught hanging out with MTV's The Challenge, Paul Calafiore, according to Us Weekly.

The two were spotted together just days before The Bachelor premier and it was reported that it was not a romantic outing. Instead, it seems as though Calafiore was giving Burnett a little advice on what to expect with the new-found fame. Not just that though, the former Big Brother cast member is also a villain on TV and is use to people perceiving him a certain way, plus, the two are said to have been friends for a while now.

"Paulie understands that he's the ultimate villain on TV right now. He knows that people see him a certain way, but ultimately, he's always there to help people if they want to chat," an insider told the news source.


Burnett grew up in Texas and is use to getting her a hands a little dirty because she's not shy about her love for ATVing, fishing and watching WWE, so it comes as no shock she's bringing that in front of the cameras.