'Bachelor' Alum Michelle Money's Daughter Is Walking and Talking Again 3 Weeks After Accident Left Her in Coma

Brielle Money is taking some major steps in her recovery three weeks after the 15-year-old daughter of Michelle Money and ex Ryan Money suffered a traumatic skateboarding accident that left her in a coma. The Bachelor alum's daughter is officially walking and talking after her brain pressure normalized last week, dad Ryan revealed on Instagram Wednesday.

"WIth the coronavirus, Brielle's siblings came to visit her but had to stay outside…Brielle is absolutely crushing our expectations. Everything that we were prepared for she is blowing out of the water," Ryan wrote alongside a photo of his wife Ashley and Brielle's siblings holding up loving signs outside of the hospital as she looked on from the other side of the window. "To think that 10 days ago she hadn't moved and we had not heard her speak, and she is now walking and talking and it would be hard for you to tell that she was just 3 weeks out from an accident."

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Brielle's spirit has come back as her health improves. "The sensor in her head, the drain in her head, the pic line in her leg, the IVs in both arms and foot, the breathing tube and the feeding tube are ALL GONE!" Ryan wrote. "Nobody is more excited about this than she is. Ever since the tubes have been gone we have not been able to keep her down."

Ryan continued of her recovery timeline, "We think that she will be able to come home next week sometime. She will continue to work on getting her full strength back, but we are confident that she will get there. The doctors have talked with us about being extremely cautious for 6 months to a year, no riding bikes, running, sports for her, but that is a small price to pay for the injury she sustained."


He concluded with a message of thanks for fans supporting their family throughout this, writing, “We continue to have a place in our heart for all of you out there who helped Brielle and us get through this. As a parent, I cannot tell you in words what this whole experience has been like, from watching her in the ICU to the first time she moved, talked and then moved to the NTU, to receiving your prayers, fasts, thoughts and energy. WE LOVE YOU. We owe you more than we can repay so grateful for all the good that was poured out upon us! Thank you!!"

Brielle was first hospitalized on March 29 after her skateboarding accident, at which point she was admitted into the intensive care unit and underwent surgery the next day. On April 10, Michelle revealed that Brielle had her breathing tube removed and had been weaned off of most of her medication after her brain pressure stabilized.