Amy Roloff Makes Rare Visit to Family Farm in Video With Ex Matt

The former couple is cordial in the short clip.

Little People, Big World's Amy Roloff visited the family farm after returning from an extensive trip in a new video with ex Matt Roloff. Matt, 61, posted the video to Instagram, but it has since been removed. The clip, uploaded via The U.S. Sun, begins with Matt and Amy's daughter-in-law, Isabel, explaining to Amy the difference between an Instagram Story and a Reel. "What's the difference between a Reel and a Story," Matt asked, then redirected the camera to Amy, asking her the same thing. Amy initially seemed confused before saying, "I was just informed that a Reel stays on your Instagram where a Story goes away after 24 hours." "There you go, you're learning," Isabel, 27, told Amy, 61, making Matt laugh.

Before giving fans a glimpse of his farm, Matt, who is engaged to Caryn Chandler, added, "We are sitting here figuring out our social media." Many fans praised the exes for their cordial relationship in the comments section. However, the Little People Big World actress removed the post and did not explain her decision behind the deletion. After getting married in 1987, Matt and Amy divorced in 2016. They have four children: twin boys Jeremy and Zach, 33; son Jacob, 27; and daughter Molly, 30.


Amy appeared on Matt's video after she and her husband, Chris Marek, traveled to a secluded location where the couple spent time together. She posted a stunning picture of the Teton Mountains at Yellowstone National Park earlier this week from one of her trip stopovers on her Instagram page. She wrote in the caption, "The Tetons Spectacular! Can't tell you what a great motorcycle this has been. The beauty of this corner of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming."

The reality star took the trip soon after it was reported that her son, Zach, and his wife, Toriare not expected back on the TLC show for the new season. Matt has had a rocky relationship with Zach and Tori in the past few years due to his refusal to sell a large portion of the farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, to the couple. Caryn's son Connor shared that the couple rarely visit the large farm since Tori, 32, and Zach, 33, moved to Washington with their three kids.

"Based off what I know, maybe [they visit] twice a year," he told The U.S. Sun. "You know, they moved, obviously, they moved away, and just with all the indifferences, they're kind of doing their own thing." He shared: "I did hear through the grapevine that they do not want to be on another season if the show were to continue, and they just want to do their own thing. "I do believe no matter whether there's a continuance or not, Zach and Tori probably will not be seen on the next season."