'Little People, Big World' Star Says Series is 'Coming to a Close'

Did the 'Little People, Big World' star let the cat out of the bag about their future?

Little People, Big World has brought the Roloffs to fans on TLC for 24 seasons, but that run might be coming to a end. While chatting with fans on social media, Tori Roloff seem to doubt how much longer she and her husband Zach Roloff are on the reality series. She also could be hinting at the end for the Roloff family entirely at TLC.

According to The Blast, Roloff hinted at how she and her husband don't plan to leave the show, but that doesn't mean TLC will keep airing it. It all stems from a question posed by a follower on social media.

"How long do you plan to be on television? Thanks for sharing your lives with us," the fan asked. That prompted a quick response from Roloff: "I think our time is definitely coming to a close, but we're trying to enjoy it while it's here."

Roloff also added that she and Zach Roloff have plenty of stress due in part to what folks see on the series, but it has given plenty of good also. This includes being able to tell their life stories with others, while also meeting folks they'd never be able to outside of reality fame.

While Roloff seems to be addressing her fate, it is possible that the drama we've witnessed this past season could be the end of the road for Little People, Big World. Amy and Matt Roloff are divorced, moving on with their respective new loves while spreading away from Roloff Farms. The property has become a bit of a burden in recent months, with Matt Roloff attempting to sell the house and a chunk of the property for millions while seeming to ignore his children.

It is unlikely you've seen the last of the clan entirely, as they have plenty of other ventures and social media presence to manage after the show eventually ends. Tori and Zach Roloff wouldn't be the first from the family to split away from TLC's cameras.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, despite being involved in the family drama themselves, left the series four years ago. Molly and Jacob Roloff would follow in 2019. So if it is time for the couple to exit, the show has plenty of examples to give them a farewell. Fans will just have to keep an eye on the schedule.