'Alaskan Bush People': Matt Brown Sends Birthday Love to Brother Bear

Alaskan Bush People son Matt Brown recently took to Instagram to send some birthday love to his brother Bear.

In a video clip, Matt wished his "little brother" a Happy Birthday, and announced that the celebratory post was his 200th.

He also took a swig of soda in honor of Bear, saying, "This Dr. Pepper's for you. Cheers!"

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Happy Birthday little brother! More 🎂

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Many of Brown's fans have since commented on the post, with many sharing their own birthday wishes for Bear.

"Happy Birthday Bear! Happy to see you doing well also Matt, I know how hard it is I'm fighting my own battle. You are an inspiration keep it up," one person said.

"Aww a lovely coincidence, you timed it perfectly," another follower wrote. "Thanks to you and your brother for everything have shared with us throughout the years! Wishing you both all the best."

"You are absolutely my favorite family member! But you all rock! You just make me laugh!!! I met your brother Noah and his wife and beautiful baby in Pueblo and they were super nice! Just wanted to tell you that your awesome," someone else commented.

"Your an awesome big brother Matt," one other Alaskan Bush People fan stated. "Congratulations on your 200th post!!! Gotta love that Dr. Pepper! It was my dad's favorite too."

While Matt appears to be on good terms with his brother, Bear, a recent report indicated that he is not getting along with his father, Billy Brown.

Matt had been absent for most of Season 9 of Alaskan Bush People due to seeking treatment for his addiction issues.

Billy reportedly told him that once he had his substance abuse issues under control he could come back to the show, but it's now being claimed that Billy has not held up his end of the deal.

“Billy knows how much Matt needed to work and relied on the family’s show for income, just as the rest of his siblings did, and Billy still cut him out,” an insider told Radar.


Matt wants nothing to do with his dad and is feels like they are all brainwashed by him," the insider continued. "It is really sad because Matt is doing well, finally, which is all that Billy says he wanted from him. ...What’s even worse is that Matt’s brothers and sisters are siding with Billy because they are all just as money hungry as their dad.”

At this time, there is no official word on when or if Matt will fully return to the show.