'Alaskan Bush People' Bear Brown Hunts Down Cougar in New Preview

The Alaskan Bush People are back, and this season, the Browns are bringing with them more extreme [...]

The Alaskan Bush People are back, and this season, the Browns are bringing with them more extreme adventures than ever!

Ahead of Sunday's Season 9 premiere of the hit Discovery reality show, fans got a thrilling sneak peek of the new season, featuring Bear Brown attempting to track down a cougar he believes is threatening the family's livestock.

In a new clip, the 31-year-old Brown son reveals he has gotten his first glimpse of the wild cat since the Browns moved to the Pacific Northwest following his family's move from Alaska in order to get mom Ami Brown the treatment needed for her cancer.

"I just saw a cougar duck off into the bushes," Bear confides in the camera. "This is the first actual sighting we've seen of a cougar and with the barn up and full of animals, it is definitely not good."

He hypothesizes of the cougar's intentions, "That's probably what's bringing all the cougars in, especially the smell of chickens."

Finding tracks in the dirt he believes were left behind by the subject of his tracking, Bear explains, "These, I believe, are cougar tracks. Smaller stride, not hooved. I tell you, it's actually a pretty dangerous spot, because this is just up from the barn."

Loping off into the wilderness, Bear continued, "We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled, our ears open — or vice versa, however that one works."

Fans of the Alaskan Bush People will remember the drama that came with constructing the barn during Season 8, especially when the younger Browns were left on their own to finish the work while Ami, husband Billy and Bear returned to Los Angeles to receive results of an important test following the chemotherapy treatments doctors hoped would mean the end of Ami's cancer.

"Mom, Dad and Bear got back and I think there's a lot of emotions in the air," son Gabe Brown said in an October episode upon the group's tense return. "Best case scenario, everything's OK, but I feel like I'm at the waiting room of the doctor's office again."

Happily enough for the family, Billy explained that there was nothing but good news to come from the voyage.

"We finally got all the results in," he said. "It went good. Hadn't grown. Not even enough to biopsy."

He continued to the cameras, "It's still there for sure, but it's so small they can't even test it."

We can't wait to see what the Browns get up to this season!

Alaskan Bush People returns for an all-new season Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery