'90 Day Fiance': Paul Staehle Traveling to Brazil After Wife Karine Martins Files Protective Order

Former 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Paul Staehle appears to have purchased a one-way ticket to Brazil for later this month. Staehle's move comes a few days after wife Karin Martins, who is from Brazil, filed a protective order against him last week following a big fight. He also claimed Martins and their 1-year-old son Pierre were missing, but she disputed this.

On Monday, Staehle posted a screenshot of a plane ticket he bought in his Instagram Story. The ticket shows Staehle leaving Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, Aug. 18, and arriving in Manaus, Brazil 29 hours and two plane connections later. It appears to be a one-way non-refundable ticket. Staehle included an animated heart GIF with an illustration of the Brazilian flag.

Staehle and Martins' rocky relationship took another turn last week when police visited their home after a big fight. On Thursday, Staehle shared live footage of the police officers' visit, during which he claimed to have "no idea" why they were called. "I'm pro-police. I have nothing against you guys. I just want to know what's going on," the TLC star said. He later added, "We were doing a call, I look over, I see her talking to a Brazilian lawyer about child support and divorce. I asked her what's going on with this."

Over the weekend, Staehle shared images of an emergency protective order Martins got against him. In the documents, Martins accused him of sexual assault and claimed he held her green card and documents to make it impossible for her to leave their home. Martins claimed Staehle keeps her under constant surveillance, threatens to "take our son Pierre away if I ever leave" and forces her to drink alcohol.

Next, Staehle told his Instagram followers sheriff's deputies arrived at their house, asking where Martins and Pierre were. However, Martins later took to her own Instagram page, where she denied that she and her son were missing. She said she called police on Thursday "because I feared for my life and my son's life which led me to ask for help and ultimately be rescued from an environment that no longer was healthy for none of us involved in the situation."


Martins wrote that police knew "where to find me if they need me." She called the situation "a legal matter, not a 'media matter.' that being said it's the first and last time I will speak about it." Martins posted another message on Instagram Story to tell her fans she has not started a GoFundMe account and any fund claiming to be raising money for her is fake.