'90 Day Fiance': Kalani and Asuelu Debate His Dancing Skills in Exclusive 'Love Games' Clip

The first 90 Day Fiance game show, Love Games, is already underway on discovery+. The new show [...]

The first 90 Day Fiance game show, Love Games, is already underway on discovery+. The new show challenges 90 Day Fiance couples to prove how well they know their significant other by asking a series of intimate questions in each episode. In an exclusive clip for PopCulture.com of the show, Kalani Faagata, and Asuelu Pulaa, who starred in 90 Day Fiance Season 6, debate among themselves over something Asuelu thinks he is good at but is not really.

Host Sukanya "Suki" Krishnan asked Asuelu and Kalani what was something their partner thinks they're good at, but really isn't. Asuelu said he thought he was good at fire knife dancing, but admitted he really struggles with it. He said he once burned a hand and his body with a fire knife. "And my wife was like, 'Don't do that again, you're not good.'"

Unfortunately, it was a miss. Kalani said she believed Asuelu thinks he is good at American dancing, but he really is not. "He does like this body roll when we dance and it's just really uncomfortable," Kalani explained. Asuelu then proceeded to show off his bad dance moves to Krishnan and the rest of the 90 Day couples. Asuelu clearly had no reason not to do that dance, since he did it repeatedly when the two were dating!

Asuelu and Kalani are one of the success stories chronicled on 90 Day Fiance. The two met when Kalani was on vacation in Samoa and Asuelu worked at her resort. The couple welcomed their first son, Oliver, in January 2018, before they married. They welcomed a second son, Kennedy, in May 2019.

All episodes of Love Games were filmed by the 90 Days couples at their homes remotely. The series launched on Feb. 8. "Nothing is out of bounds with these couples who have defeated distance, cultural and language barriers, meddling in-laws and everything in between in fierce match-ups with questions ranging from their juiciest secrets and most annoying habits to just how well they REALLY know each other," reads discovery+'s description. "Whether they're bruising egos ('What's something your partner thinks they're good at, but really they aren't?') or flirting with disaster ('If I could date anyone from the '90 Day Fiancé' universe other than my partner, who would it be?'), expect playful banter, plenty of eye-rolling, and a fresh glimpse into their lives."