'90 Day Fiance' Star Jay Smith Admits to Having New Girlfriend, Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Jay Smith is opening up about his love life after speculation last week that he had a new girlfriend who was expecting his baby. But while the 90 Day Fiancé star, 22, confirmed to Us Weekly that he has found a new lady to love, he denied she was expecting.

"No, nobody's pregnant," Smith told the outlet. "Not that I know of. Selena [Miller] is my girlfriend right now, but no one is pregnant. She didn't give no information to nobody that she was pregnant."

Smith explained that things are really ramping up for him professionally at the moment, so having a baby is far from the front of his mind.

"I've got another big thing coming out right now, like a show and stuff, so that's not what I want to have right now," he said of what's next for him. "So [having a baby] is something I would not do right now. Just like a clothing line [I'm working on], a show and modeling. I can't really say what show I'm doing."

A move out of Pennsylvania, where he came to live with estranged wife Ashley Martson when he moved to the U.S. from Jamaica, is also on the books for Smith.

"I'm trying to move because I don't want to live in Pennsylvania. I don't really want to give that information out until I move," he said, claiming the move was coming "sooner than later."

Smith has had a number of pregnancy accusations coming his way since he stepped into the spotlight with the TLC show, including most recently in October, when Martson revealed she and her husband had reconciled in secret, then split after he allegedly got another woman pregnant.

Martson told InTouch Weekly at the time, "My only comment would be that I don't care to see him or speak to him."


"I would guess he only told me she was pregnant because she backed him into a corner saying she would tell me if he didn't," she continued. "He lies and hides everything, and it makes no sense why he would tell me without confirmation besides for that reason. I was stupid for getting back with him. I deserve what I got."

Photo credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images